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Everyone at all levels can benefit from coaching.  Regardless of your personal goals or desires, Haversine Coaching can provide the roadmap to your success.  We work with you to clarify and accomplish your goals while adapting to evolving ambitions and fitness.  Your time is limited, make the best use it by partnering with Haversine Coaching to maximize your potential by training with specificity.

Haversine Coaching believes every individual is more than physiological statistics and data points.  We want you to find a coaching relationship in which you will thrive.  To facilitate this, we do not charge for the initial consultation during which you have a chance to determine we are the correct fit for you. 

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All coaching programs include an initial consultation, a review of historic workouts and event performance, goal setting, and unlimited email access to your coach. All coaching programs except the basic program come with a Premium Training Peaks account to access training plans, submit workout data, and as a system for providing feedback.


The Basic program is designed for those looking for an affordable, but tailored training program. As with all Haversine Coaching plans, the Basic client will receive monthly plans through Train Peaks designed with their schedule and goals in mind and unlimited email access to their coach.  Training plans will be developed using perceived exertion or heart rate, and delivered electronically online. The program is well suited for the individual looking to train with specificity using a focused and directed training plan, but does not require guidance or regular updates to their plan.

$125 monthly, $60 start up fee; Start up fee waived with 3 month commitment


The Level 1 program benefits those looking for more guidance and plan updates over the Basic program.  Level 1 offers biweekly review and analysis of training logs.  Based on the review and analysis, as well as the individual’s input, training plan adjustments are made biweekly. This level also introduces the option to have workouts designed using power as well as heart rate or perceived exertion.  Training Peaks premium login is included in this program.

$195 monthly, $120 start up fee; Start up fee waived with 6 month commitment


Designed for individuals who may need flexibility in their plans due to work, family, or other demands that may affect their training schedule, the Level 2 program offers weekly plan adjustments.  The weekly plan adjustments are also a great benefit for individuals seeking more regular adjustments based on their progress.  Weekly training log analysis keeps the training focused and on track with developing fitness as the physiological systems adapt to the training regimen.  Level 2 includes a premium Training Peaks.

$295 monthly, $120 start up fee; Start up fee waived with 6 month commitment


The Level 3 program is for dedicated and motivated individuals placing a high priority on enhancing their fitness and performance. Level 3 clients benefit from twice weekly analysis of their training files and regular phone calls. Training plans may be adjusted twice weekly whether as a result of analysis of how the body is responding to training stresses or due to changing schedules.  Individuals with busy event schedules, frequent travel for work, or an unpredictable career all benefit from the attention afforded at this level.  Training Peaks premium login is included in this program.  At this level, a power meter is highly recommended for those under a cycling or multisport program.

$495 monthly, $120 start up fee; Start up fee waived with 6 month commitment

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